Where does our food come from?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last Wednesday took an unexpected trip north to Placerville. While we were there we had an opportunity to visit Forni Ranch. 

For the past few years we have bought beef "in bulk" so-to-say. We purchase a half of a full cow. The ranch then arranges to have it butchered for us and we pick up 100 pounds of roasts, steaks and ground beef. It's the best way to purchase organic, grass-fed meat. 
So when RJ's Dad's friend, George, who owns and runs the ranch invited us to join him to feed the animals we jumped at the chance. 
The kids (and RJ and I) loved it! Landon asked to ride in the pick-up with Rancher George and Parker yelled, and pointed and threw alfalfa with enthusiasm.  George was so kind to answered my billion questions about ranching life. Talking with him further confirmed my deep respect for the ranchers/farmers of the world. They work so hard! And have such a passion for what they do. 
At one point George turned to us and apologized for any stench on his hands: "I just pulled the afterbirth from a female cow minutes before you got here." (Ranch life realities!) Then he took us to meet the new heifer. She still had shaky legs and wet hair. 
After we left I was ready to buy a ranch and raise my boys in the world of agriculture. 

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Jessica G. said...

So fun that you got to do this! My sil is in her last year of vet school and I love having talks with her about meant/chicken. She has actually given me a lot of perspective that even my research never provided.

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