Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Monday, December 23, 2013

The grandparents are here, we've make Christmas cookies, walked down Christmas Tree Lane admiring lights, the gifts are sixty percent wrapped, the Jesus Storybook Bible is being read, and the new Christmas jammies are tucked under the tree...we are ready!

 I love that at night Landon prays and thanks God for Jesus' birthday. He's definitely amped on Christmas. However, much to my horror, Landon loves Halloween more than Christmas! He told me yesterday, "Mama, only 3 days until Christmas and then it will be almost Halloween!!!" You may remember, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween so this bums me out. But I have a theory and a plan:

1) I don't think Landon remembers much about Christmas day. I think he forgot that he will receive more than one gift. Whenever anyone asks him what he wants he always says one thing (so sweet. I should probably be a good, conservative mom and only give him one but I like spoiling my kids just a little bit one day out of the year.) And I haven't put any presents under the tree at all this year, so when he wakes up on Christmas morning and see's the pile it's going to blow his socks off. (Don't worry - I don't go totally crazy - my kids only get 3-4 gifts from mom and dad.)

2) Landon LOVES sweets. Even more than the average kids. I can't you how many mornings Landon has woken me up asking for a piece of gum or a cookie or a sweet drink. The child is a candy-fien. If I let him he would eat it until he threw-up and his teeth fell out. So, in my attempt to win his affections more towards Christmas and away from Halloween, I am going to stick candy in his stocking. I've never done this before and I think it will work.

3) I got him an awesome Wolverine X-Men dress up costume AND a Ninja Turtle mask and daggers for Christmas this year.

So now the score is:

Halloween -- dress-up + candy

Christmas -- dress-up + candy + presents 

It's a clear win.
And, of course, my heart's deepest hope and prayer is that one day Landon will see the Gift of Jesus, brought down to humanity to pursue hearts and reconcile God with man, as the absolute greatest gift in the world. Then, his preference for Christmas will be easy and absolute. For no matter however else we celebrate that is the greatest, most outstanding gift of all. Glory to God in the Highest.


Bethany said...

Love your last paragraph! The greates gift that gives meaning to Christmas and every day!

Jessica G. said...

I LOVE that you are trying to bribe Landon into making Christmas his favorite holiday. Connor basically thought his birthday was the best because he got presents, so I know he won't have a problem with liking Christmas. The problem now is teaching him the real reason of Christmas...and learning not to expect presents for everything.

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