Embrace the Camera

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Emily over at The Anderson Crew is hosting Embrace the Camera Week. The idea is to get yourself out from behind the camera lens and into the photo. Mom's seem to have a particularly hard time with this. But  someday our kids are going to want photos with us so we need to make it happen.

Each day this week has a theme. Yesterday was "smile" and I used a photo of RJ and I from the wedding.

Today's theme is "making memories." I really got into the spirit of things this morning and posted a photo not only only of myself but my first-thing-in-the-morning-self - sans makeup and in jammies! 

Each morning Landon rises with the sun so there really is no way I'm going to get up much earlier than him. In order to have quiet time with the Lord he works on puzzles while I sip coffee and read. Then I always join him for a few moments before starting breakfast. It's part of our routine that I know will be a memory that I'll cherish (and hope that he does too.)

Join in the camera embracing fun by commenting on Emily's blog or use hashtag #embracethecamera on Instagram. I'm looking forward to your photos!

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