Embrace the Camera Day 4 - The Outtakes

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today's prompt was "creative".

I thought I would highlight my lack of creativity when it comes to dressing my family. Often we all dress the same. While obviously totally adorable this is not intentional. I seem chose my clothes for the day and then subconsciously dress my kids similarly.

Apparently my brain is saving itself the effort of coming up with three different outfits. (I need to save those brain cells for the really important moments in the day - like deciding whether pizza or grilled cheese is a more healthy lunch option for my children, or how to fold tiny-four-year-old-bum-sized chonies.)

Speaking of tiny chonies, Landon dressed himself today, so it was just Parker and I being matchy-matchy. I asked Landon to snap a few pics of us twinsies. He took 4,802.

And I could not find even one that I absolutely loved.

Embracing the camera isn't actually that easy*. Here's a sampling of our process:

Mom's ready. Parker's totally distracted - CHICKENS! 

I'm not really sure what is going on here

Parker, age 1, and already looking like it's painful to pose with his Mother.

He's over it

We have an escape attempt

Let's bring this party inside and add snacks. Maybe that will help.
Snacks beat photos.

Maybe Mom's fish-face will make you laugh and look at the camera?

I guess not.
Instead we get fish-face and a zombie

And the winner.
Good hair trumps smiling child. 

*Embracing the camera is actually quite easy. You just jump into the photo. Embracing the camera for a shot that's going to be splashed across the internet seen by your mom and Instragram friends is a bit tougher. Especially if you suffer from a slight case of vanity and just want a picture where you're smiling, you kid is smiling, and your hair looks good. Apparently though that's too much to ask. So I went with the hair. 

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