The Blue Swordfish

Friday, September 20, 2013

Four year old soccer players could be stand-up comics.
There is not much funnier than watching these little dudes "play." 

Landon's team - The Blue Swordfish - are particularly gifted humorists.
Score isn't official recorded at this age but it's pretty easy to deduce that The Blue Swordfish lose every game - about 1,000 to 1.

Don't take my photo mom!
It's not uncommon to see a member of The Blue Swordfish wander off the field mid-quarter for a quick drink of water or a snack.
Last week one of the better players was kicking the ball and suddenly stopped mid-run.
He had seen a cool bug on the ground that needed immediate observation.
Then there is the kid who likes to duck and cover, sometimes even resuming the fetal position, when the ball gets too close.

Of course, if we counted all the balls that get kicked in the wrong goal we might have a fighting chance at winning a game.

The cutest cheerleader 
It's been so fun gathering with the other parents on game day to watch our sweet boys.
We laugh and laugh but we are so proud of them.
As the season progresses they really are getting better.
You can see them beginning to understand the game and consequently enjoy it more and more.

Landon's was completely overwhelmed by the first game and didn't want to ever go back.
But now he can't wait until game day. 
He gets so excited that when one teammate gets a goal the whole team receives a point!
(pun intended)
I love that he's already learning about teamwork.
And understanding that individuals have unique skills.
He gets that Kolton is good at scoring goals but Landon is a great defender.
I'm a big believer that team sports offer some of the best learning experiences.

Plus, how dang cute are those uniforms?! 

Best part of the game: snack time! 

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