Friday, September 6, 2013

Last weekend I was at the beach with a friend that I greatly respect. She has three wonderful boys ages 14,11 and 6 and being just a little ahead of me in the parenting game I was asking a million questions trying to glean as much wisdom from her as I could. 

Her answers kept coming back to the same two principals: 

1. Raise them in the Lord 

2. Keep them busy outside

Apparently outside play is key for boys. So we've been living at the beach this past week (thanks to both her advice and a streak of incredible weather). 

I love that both my boys love the beach as much as RJ and I do. 
Landon's been teaching himself to surf on his boogie board and Parker charges straight into the nearly water every time. And once he's had a good swim he's content to dig holes and fill up buckets with sand. And the best part...after a good beach session they are both exhausted!

Some other news around our home:

- I got a ticket yesterday for using my cell phone at a red light. Apparently you can't touch your mobile device while inside a running vehicle. Being my first ticket in nearly 15 years (I got my first, and only, one when I first started driving) I guess I was due to pay into the system. The best part of the experience - the fact that I got double teamed. The motorcycle cop that pulled me over had back-up come and stand at the passenger side of my car the entire time. You know - because I'm incredible threatening and dangerous. 

- Landon is off for his first weekend fishing trip with Daddy. I'm excited for them to have some eldest-son/Father bonding time. 

- Parker is starting to walk a bit. But he won't do it when you ask him to and when he does decide it's time to take a few steps he always looks around first to make sure he has an audience 

- I'm looking forward to spending some extended one-on-one time with my baby this weekend. 

What are you up to this weekend?


Jessica G. said...

I love that they had back up to make sure nothing happened...because with those boys of yours in the backseat, I am sure you looked threatening! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the ticket :( Cops are so silly! I bet the one who pulled you over called backup to "check out the hot blonde"

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