It's That Time Again

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday was the first day of Fall. Bringing with it more 70 degree weather, pumpkin flavored everything everywhere you look, and...cold & flu season. And guess little family came down with the pukey flu right on the mark!

I am really trying to avoid the back-to-back illnesses we struggled with last year. I've got the family on probiotics, extra vitamin C, and raw powdered veggies for smoothies and stuff (I can't get Parker to actually eat anything green).

I'm also considering using essential oils to help build our immunity and for disease treatment. My mom turned me onto eucalyptus oil for coughs and it works great. (Rub it on the coughing persons feet. Sounds weird; I know. I was a skeptic too but I've seen results.).Apparently there are a plethora of oils with various purposes. You can diffuse peppermint oil into the air at night to help asthmatics and use various oils on the body to ward off the flu. It sounds so hippy dippy (even to my yuppy ears) but I've been hearing a lot about it lately.  I really may take the plunge and try. 
But what do you do this time of year to keep your family well? It's so hard maintaining wellness with littles in the home. I would welcome your suggestions.

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Rebecca said...

Essential oils are so cool! I just made an essential oil antibacterial hand spray for the winter. Last year I started giving the girls Carlson's Cod Liver Oil (it just tastes like lemon-they actually ask for it) and astragulus. We were sick MUCH less and when we were sick it only lasted a day or two.

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