Friday, August 9, 2013

RJ emailed me a video this morning:

And much to my surprise I started crying in the middle of it.

A yearning? Wonderlust? Or just crazy lady tears?
I couldn't tell you.

But what do you think?
Could you do it? 


Jessica G. said...

You are probably going to get more of an answer than you bargained for from me. Just warning you ;)

Could I go out on an adventure like this? Yes! I think life should be a huge adventure. Ian and I both think our one regret with Scotland is we should have just sold everything before we left. We held onto our possessions, somehow finding value in them. But after time, they lost their value to us and became a burden of sorts (all those monthly storage fees!).

When I was a kid, my dad took 6 weeks off and we drove a motorhome across the US. My brothers and I were 13, 11 and 8. I still have many great memories from that trip.

The one thing I don't fully agree with is them saying this is a way of life. Maybe for them, but I couldn't do that to my children forever. I feel like it would starve them on friendships and socialization that they so desperately need. But doing it for a couple years, I say heck yeah!

When we moved back to California from Scotland, I told Ian I didn't want to move for a while...that was our 7th move in 7.5 years of marriage. After about a year and a half of being back, I have been just itching for the next adventure. I guess just sitting in one place doesn't suit me as well as I thought!

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds great for about a summer but then I would want a home base to come back too. I always like coming home after a trip and reconnecting with familiar family, friends, and surroundings.

laurenglory said...
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Anonymous said...

I've become somewhat obsessed with traveling families - they all inspire me in a different way. My greatest hope is that we'll someday join the brave families who leave the comforts of convention behind and live and learn and explore...together.

So, when you say you started to cry, I can most definitely relate ;).

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