Eat, Bike, Eat Again

Saturday, August 24, 2013

This has been the summer of non-stop good times. And we owe a lot of that to my parents who have watched our beautiful children for us (love you mom and dad! You're the best!). After camping on the beach we left our boys in Oma's charge and jumped on a plane to Portland. 

Our buddy is getting married in Seattle today so we figured we would make a long weekend of the trip and celebrate our anniversary up here too. It'll be NINE years this Wednesday! Wahoo!! Yay us! 

So all day yesterday we celebrated us and our favorite things - eating amazing food, being active together, eating more amazing food, shopping at cool boutiques, enjoying amazing beverages, and repeat. 

After some amazing Stumptown coffee we jumped on two bikes and headed for the greenery. All day long we rode and ate. 

Coffee and scones

Lunch #1 - BBQ quesadilla and great beer

Lunch #2 - Lardo's! Sandwiches and messy fries

Beverage Refuel at Hair of the Dog. Amazing! 

Snack: Vodoo Donuts 

Dinner: after a 90 minute wait we shared some incredible food at Ox. My seat mate on the plans recommended it. Turns out its the best restaurant in Portland. 

Handsome man at my side and good food makes for a happy girl! 

How about you? What makes for your perfect getaway?

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Sara said...

We were just in Portland last month and went to Stumptown, Hair of the Dog, and Voo Doo. So fun! We pretty much had the same plan as you, except we were on foot.

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