July 4th 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

We celebrated Independence Day yesterday in our traditional way - bike parade, BBQ, family and friends, and s'mores. The only thing missing was fireworks. Apparently our city is having budget cuts and the annual lights show got the axe. But both my kids were so exhausted they fell asleep before dark anyway, and the neighborhood but on a good enough illegal show we felt like we got the full 4th of July experience. 

It's there something wonderful about simple familiarity and tradition? I decided to keep our BBQ simple: hots dogs and burgers, watermelon, corn, baked beans. I even pulled out potato chips and ranch dip made from a seasoning packet. My normal style tends towards healthy and homemade but it was so nice for a change to eat some of the American classics. I loved munching on watermelon slices watching my kids jump into the kiddy pool with their friends - just as I did as a kid. Same scene, just twenty-five years later. 

Ps - I pulled my big camera out at the parade and snapped a few photos of the cuties before noticing the "no card" sign flashing at my. Such a bummer. Thank goodness for phone photos. 

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