Yesterday at the Flea Market

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A group of us headed to the weekly flea market to see what treasures we could unearth. And treasures we did find! We had a ball laughing over the ridiculous stuff people were trying to sell, perfecting our haggling skills and strategizing new decor ideas for our homes.

I had a bit too much first-timers enthusiasm and went crazy. I was completely inspired by one gentleman's booth and decided to change the boys room to a Cowboy theme based on some of his merchandise.

He himself was a diamond in the rough. When I told him I was planning on displaying the arrows I had bought in my sons' room he replied. "It's so nice to hear you're raising those boys right and not like any if those pansies you see these days!" Oh wow! Then he let me take a picture with him wrapped in an authentic bearskin rug.

Yesterday's finds included:
-metal shop cart (being used as shelving in the living room and a portable bar for parties)

- arrows, old lantern, cowboy carving, and old Canadian flags for boys room

-metal and glass sparrow tray

I've always loved thrift stores but the local flea market may be my new favorite place.


Chelsea K. said...

I love your enthusiasm Pep!

Linda Z said...

The arrows are great! Patrick recently took an archery class and is now teaching the boys. So fun!

Love your fan!

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