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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Much to Landon's absolute dismay we are going sugar-free this week. 

Since before Easter (thanks to Easter parties, Easter advertising, and Mama's own sugar lovin' habits) we have all been consuming way too much of the sweet stuff. 

My eldest son rises at 6:30 most mornings and by 6:01 he's asked begged for at least two helpings of candy. The child has candy on the brain all-the-time. And he's had so much of it lately "special treats" have ceased to be special. 

Yesterday was day one and it was definitely an adjustment. It was gale force winds outside so we decided to spend the morning burning steam at the mall. (Whoever put the first play structure in a mall = brilliant.) I admit I found it hard not to stop and get us a frozen yogurt to share or a See's Candy lollipop to enjoy. But I held to my guns and said no - pumping quarters into those mechanical ride things instead.

By evening Landon finally figured out that candy was a no-go; so instead he began asking for more gummy vitamins every twenty minutes.  

I too felt the withdrawals but I'm excited to give my body a break for the toxicity of refined white sugar. I know today and tomorrow are going to be hard on us. Thank goodness for fruit smoothies and iced tea - my go-to replacements.   

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Jessica G. said...

I love that he started asking for gummy vitamins after candy was a no-go. That Landon is a smart kid! Though we don't keep much in terms of sweets around the house, I am always happy to take the kids out for a treat. I am learning to not say yes every time, so it doesn't become an expected thing, but stays a treat. I just hate the cries that come after I say no.

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