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Monday, April 15, 2013

I feel extremely upset about the events that transpired in Boston today.

As a runner, who has secretly aspired to one day run Boston, I feel particularly unsettled. The Boston Marathon is iconic. It is THE race to the running community. Nearly every article, magazine, blog, book about running must somehow make mention of the famed course. Heartbreak Hill. The Wesly Girls cheerleaders. It's is the Oscars of running. It is Legendary.

Two years ago RJ and I were in Boston on marathon weekend. Never before have i seen so many pairs of running shoes, Nike swooshes, or so much Lycra. The city was buzzing with runners and cheerleaders. The energy was palpable. It was a truly celebratory atmosphere.

We went to see the finish line. I goofed around pretending to break the tape at the end. RJ took pictures. I dreamed a little running dream.

Now, as I read record of the tragedy that befell today's race I feel angry and upset. Death and injury at the hands of a fellow human being is always horrific and hard to swallow. But as I learn about enthusiastic spectators losing their lives and runners losing their legs (!!) my emotional are particularly enflamed. Who does this type of thing? Why?? What makes a person so angry, or so numbed, they can premeditate such a violent act. I just don't understand.

Just one month ago I crossed the finish line at the LA Marathon (although my honesty gets the better of me and I must admit I only ran half). Although not as famous the LA Marathon is just as big as Boston. One could do just as much damage there as in Massachusetts.. I crossed the finish about four hours after the start of the race. Give me four weeks and three thousand miles and I could be one of the runners fleeing for their life today.

This one struck close to home.

Pray for Boston.

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Linda Z said...

I understand your anger and confusion. I was in tears for the state of our nation last night. In the last couple weeks I've had to explain Boston, the Dr. Gosnell hearing, and a girl who committed suicide after being gang raped, to my teenage son. I am praying for repentance and revival in our nation. I pray that our mighty God does big things among the American people.

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