Weekend Highlights

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rest. Laughter. Quiet. Sleep. Food. Sun. Bubbly.

That pretty much sums up our 48 hour getaway to Palm Springs. Three of my girlfriends and I snuck away for two nights to enjoy some time together without interruptions (i.e. little people). We love the 9 kids we have between us but it really was such a treat to leave them (and the amazing husbands who took care of them) behind in order to get some alone time.

We stayed at The Viceroy, which is perfect for a girls trip, and had amazing weather. There was a lot of laying around doing nothing with sporadic comments about "how nice this is." And, much to our mutual delight, we are all foodies. So we ate with abandon (and only shared when we wanted to!).

But by Sunday morning I was ready to see the three handsome faces I had left behind. There is nothing better than a reunion with your babies. Landon ran down the hall into my arms and Parker laughed and squealed with delight. It was mommy bliss!

But, sure enough, my glam bubble was burst just hours later. As a special welcome home treat Parker decided to have a major poop explosion while in the bathtub with his brother.

And just like that reality was restored.

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