Amazing Designers and Surfboard Accidents

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Amazing Designers & Surfboard Accidents.

The two are no related.
(But actually they are)

How incredible is RJ's sister Jessica?! She created my new blog space and I am beyond thrilled. I wish I had just a 1/16th of her artistic genius. Thank you Jess! You are the best. Definitely one of the most wonderful things about marrying my mister is his sisters.

And speaking of my mister - look who got five staples in his head yesterday.

Nasty surfboard accident.

Apparently there was so much blood the people on the beach thought it was a shark attack.
Poor guy raced home in his wetsuit hoping he could super-glue his scalp together, but after washing everything up we realized an ER trip was inevitable. Then the doctors couldn't get his scalp numb because of all his hair so he had to face the staple gun au naturel. 

I am the world's worst nurse and get all woozy every time I see his Frankenstiened head. Just glancing up at that picture is giving my tummy the flip-flops. I just hope and pray that God gives me some kind of supernatural gumption when my kiddos get the big wounds - because with two little boys it's sure to happen.

Meanwhile I'm thankful that my guy is okay (and that he can change the dressings on his own wound!).

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