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Saturday, January 26, 2013

It turns out our Landon is quite the clown. His favorite song to sing is "I like to toot-it toot-it" which he shouts with great enthusiasm while doing the butt-wiggle dance. And, as much as I try to keep the potty talk contained in the bathroom (the rule at our house is you can do as much "butt/fart/poop" talk as you want within the bathroom walls but them you have to leave it there) I have to admit that this little routine can be funny when busted out at church/downtown/preschool chapel time/etc.

Oh, Landon-boy! You do keep us on our toes.

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Tracy said...

These pictures are so funny and cute! And I'm so glad to know a mom (and one of boys)! that keeps the potty talk in the bathroom. Thank you! :)

But yes there are moments when you just think its funny anyway. I'm afraid I would encourage the butt-wiggle dance too!

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