Day 7 - Mendocino County Cont. Again

Friday, August 17, 2012

It seems the camera is always easy accessible during the highlights. Honestly I want to document the entire trip the highs and the lows because, let's face it - we're camping with a 3 year & 3 month old - there are some lows. But, while I wish I had pictures of Landon learning to do a #2 in the woods, it seems the camera is never close at hand during those difficult, special times. Such as:

- when we decided to take highway 101 through San Francisco. RJ had to drive our tent trailer through downtown SF, while i misdirected him (twice) AND Parker screamed bloody murder from the backseat (for longer than his little lungs should be able)

- or when we missed the Anderson Valley Brewery tour (the entire reason we stayed an extra day in Philo) bc RJ decided to make an ill timed phone call and I was pissed

- or when Landon asks to play "I Spy" for the 400th time in the car

- or getting up for the 4th time in the night bc 1) Landon is cold 2) Parker lost his paci 3) you have to pee 4) the baby needs to eat

-and the time the grandmotherly woman pouring at Goldeneye Winery (Obama's personal favorite), listens kindly while you tell her about your trip. Then points to the baby in his carseat and asks if he's getting enough time "out of that thing" to stretch his limbs. Bc obviously you're a young, dumb parent who has a baby in a "bar"!

But you really can't have the good times without the bad and the good times have been really, really good.

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Jessica G. said...

When I originally saw your photo of the golden gate bridge, I wondered about you guys driving thru SF. That drive is hard enough in a car, let alone pulling a trailer!

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