Day 15 - Travel Day to Fall River Campground, Oregon

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Definitely our hardest day yet.

According to yahoo maps what should have taken 4.5 hours to drive took us 9. Granted we had to stop to feed the baby, get lunch and groceries in Eugene, and there was road construction; but tension was high and tempers short when, at hour 8, we realized we missed our turnoff and wouldn't be setting up camp until nearly dark. It was a day filled with short, snappy comments and exasperated sighs. RJ was sure I was going to call it at some point and demand to head home (he of little faith!). I was worried he was going to snap and I would have to drive and haul the tent trailer (not a good idea). The kids just wanted out of the d*mn car.

But at 10 pm last night, once we had finally found our spot, eaten and gotten the crew down for the night,my husband of nearly eight years and I were able to have a good laugh about it all. And that's why we are continuing on with this trip. Not bc every moment is stellar or bc we are doing countless fun things - we are - but mostly bc we are spending quality, memorable time together as a family. We are strengthening our little until - through the fun and through the not-so-fun too.

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