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Sunday, April 22, 2012

RJ blessed me this weekend with a quick Santa Barbara getaway. It had been a year since we spent a night away from L and we wanted to squeeze something in before our newest arrival makes his entrance. 

It was the best 24 hours. We had such a great time. 

Anna & RJ's recipe for a fantastic night away:

gorgeous coastal train ride + comfortable b&b near shopping and beach + really good food + coffee + shopping + new camera (!) + warm, sunny weather + good food + bike riding + farmer's market + amazing restaurants + incredible food + ridiculous laughter + people watching + $150 bottle of wine (that we didn't pay for) + wonderful friends watching our son so we didn't have to worry about him at all = 


sad eye

bright eye

cat walk

good morning

handsome AND introspective

chickens might not be enough anymore
rj's thinking we need a turkey

The one event that we don't have pics of was our dinner at Bouchon Santa Barbara. It might have been the highlight of the trip. RJ and I both ranked it as one of the best dining experiences of our lives. The atmosphere was warm, comfortable and Santa Barbara casual but the food and service were absolutely 5-star. The type of place that refolds your napkin if you get up and go to the restroom. Plus, there was a single diner sitting next to us who happened to order a $150 bottle of wine. She only wanted a bit (it didn't come by the glass) so she kept filling up RJ's glass. For a moment I cursed the baby-bump, but I managed to steal enough sips to feel as though I got to enjoy as well.

And, you'll probably be seeing more blog posts since we finally replaced our good camera. Yay! 


Jessica G. said...

"For a moment I cursed the baby-bump" That is about how I would feel too, missing out on a $150 bottle of wine! Glad you got to taste a little and glad you two love birds got away. I just booked 2 nights away for Ian and I...its the first time away since having Connor (except for when I was in the hospital delivering Isla). I probably shouldn't admit that. It makes us sound pathetic.

Ryan and Camille said...

Two things
1. I'm so glad you got away! That looks like fun and you guys look just like you did in alot of your pre-marriage, and just married pictures! Having fun and in love!
2. I TOTALLY want a turkey! I looked into getting one this year and couldn't make it happen, hopefully next'll have to let me know how it goes if you guys get one!

Linda Z said...

You guys are so cute. Glad you had a great getaway! :)

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