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Sunday, January 1, 2012

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I don't think I've staying up to ring in the New Year since 2001.
I just value my sleep more than most normal twenty-nine year olds.
But I do love the first of the year:
Fresh starts, new lists, past reflections, exciting possibilities on the horizon...

I just know 2012 is going to be a good one for our family:

-our little dude is scheduled to arrive
-I'll be turning 30
- another year to watch Landon grow and develop
- and, although I'm not counting on it, possibly a Referral from Ethiopia???

My prayer is that this will be a year of growth for our little family.
That we will fall more in love with God, each other and our community.

And keeping with my past traditions I've mulled over a new 
list of goals.

- I have 5 specific people I am committing to prayer for the entire year. They don't know I'm praying for them and I'm incredibly excited to see God work in their lives. Of course, I'll be praying for other people, as well as my family, but I feel that God wants me to specifically focus on these 5 during 2012.

- Write (almost) everyday; either on my blog or in my journal. I love to write. It's a great outlet but lately I've found myself slipping away from it. I know it will be more difficult to commit when #2 arrives but I want to try. 

- Keep my house clean/organized. I have an amazing iphone app called Motivated Moms. It gives me a daily list of chores to do. Everything from dailies such as wiping down the kitchen sink to those pesky once or twice a year duties that always seem to get ignored. I used it for about 3 straight months last year and it was amazing. I'm excited to get back on track.

- Sew something for the baby. This has been on my goals list for the past few years and just hasn't happened yet. This year is the year. I can feel my creative juices flowing already.

- Accessorize. My closest and drawers are filled with such fun accessories that I buy and never wear. I want to get in the habit of choosing at least one thing - be it earrings or a scarf- to keep my outfits fun.

- Because this year I am committing to buying fewer clothes. I have a bit of a cheap clothes addiction (target, f21, etc.) For the most part these "tiny" purchases are just a waste of money. I want to be a better steward of our finances. Plus, I honestly think grown women look so much classier when wearing just a few nice staple pieces rather than five-hundred layers of cheap threads. Believe me, Target tees still have a place in my closet - it's just getting smaller.

- And finally, bake a Julia Child's french dessert. Something decadent and fancy

How about you - any goals for 2012?

Oh, and if you are cleaning up the Holiday decor today I urge you to hold off on tossing the Christmas cards you've recieved. i have a great idea for them that I'll share soon.


Jess Roy said...

Yay - love these goals! :) So excited for a new year.

Jessica G. said...

You made me smile. You really haven't stayed up for a new year since 2001? I stay up until midnight pretty much every night anyway.

Your prayer goal for the year is awesome. I am thinking of stealing it from you. The power of prayer is amazing.

Linda Z said...

Those are great goals. I hope you can accomplish all of them. :) I don't do resolutions, cause I always fail! But I guess my biggest goal is to just seek Jesus and joy daily in the midst of physical and mental pain.

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