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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

- Tomato sauce from scratch (as in tomatoes from our garden scratch) is just not worth it. Tastes good but nearly three hours later someone just pass me a jar of Prego

- Friday night RJ and I caught up on the new season of The Office. Andy as manager is brilliant
Ed Helms - you are hilarious. 

- Sunday we spent three hours at the outlet malls searching for shoes for Landon's halloween costume.
Apparently yellow lace-up shoes/slippers (boys or girls) just don't exist. 
(Except for really, really, really bright yellow crocs)

- Sunday morning I indulged in a pedicure while the boys went to the tire shop and the nursery. Mid-pedi my two handsome men dashed into the salon to present me with flowers.
I turned a fierce shade of scarlet.
But felt incredibly loved.
- When I got home Landon asked me: "Why your friend washing your feet Mama?"

- Sunday was Canadian thanksgiving and our friends of northern heritage invited us over for a feast. I enjoyed an 18lb turkey, all the fixings, and a surprise reunion with an old high school classmate.


Joanna Ducommun said...

How sweet of your husband!

I say stick with the homemade stuff... it just tastes better!

Have a great week!

Jessica G. said...

"Why your friend washing your feet Mama?" So funny!!!

Regarding your tomato sauce, I remember feeling the same way the firs time I made lasagna from scratch. Then I started cheating. I let my slow cooker make the sauce all day for me and then put the lasagna together. I don't know if you can cheat like that with tomato sauce as I have never made it, but thought I would share just in case.

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