Friday, August 19, 2011

I seriously thought I was such a good mom this afternoon when, while driving home from the zoo, I pointed out all the tractors on the side of the road so Landon wouldn't miss them. Apparently I tooted my own horn a bit too early:

"Ummm, mom. No. Those are diggers."

Digger vs Tractor
My mistake!!

I am hard pressed to tell the difference between a mini-van and an SUV so you can only image how uneducated I am in the realm of heavy machinery/farm equipment/construction "stuff". And really, I could care less. But because I love my boy I'll be borrowing his baby books with the pictures and labels of different tractor types. Some of those books are so detailed I think they were actually written for the clueless mothers of automobile-minded boys.

I'll probably need the dinosaur books too. I'm not sure how long "long-neck", "three-horn" and "sharp-tooth" are going to cut it.


Anonymous said...

Haha! First, what an adorable comment from Landon. He is right! That was a "digger" or excavator (thank you Brian for teaching me). And lastly, you liked SARA I like DUCKIE. End of story.

Linda Z said...

Such a boy thing!! Is a digger the same thing as a backhoe? I used to always get confused! :)

Chelsea said...

Haha this made me laugh so hard! Love it!

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