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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yesterday morning I filled out the last page in my journal. I wrote out a prayer covering our marriage, Landon, and our adoption. I prayed that the situation with Ethiopian adoptions slowing down would be revised in a way that best benefits the children of Ethiopia. But honestly, I was praying that the number of cases processed each day would increase so that more children would come home to their families quickly - our children included.

Not four hours later I got an email from our family coordinator at our adoption agency. The number of Ethiopian adoptions being processes has increased! However, processes are still much slower than when we started our adoption. The email informed us that our agency has extended our projected wait time.

Originally we were told to expect to wait 7-11 months for our referral. Now we are told to anticipate a wait of 11-18 months. Because our dossier has only been in Ethiopia for 7 weeks and because our age request is so young RJ and I are assuming we will be on the longer of that wait period.

18 months before we see our baby's face. And then another 4ish months to get her home. 22 months total. It seems like an eternity. While this news wasn't unexpected it still feels like a major blow to the chest. This adoption stuff is hard.

And the enemy knows where to attack. Immediately I started doubting out call to adoption. I began worrying about Landon, about family planning, about anything and everything that is out of my control. I called RJ crying, but only got his voice mail.

Because my God knows me. He knew I would immediately go to my husband to comfort me when I really need to go to Him. I'm so thankful RJ couldn't call me back for an hour. I still cried when he did call. I'm still feeling anxious and sad. But during that hour before he called God nudged me reminding me to go to Him. And He poured out his comfort and love. Reminding me that He most definitely has lead our family on this journey and that He is still in control. All the pieces are still in His hands.

I long to go to Ethiopia. I think about our little one(s) over there all the time. I am having to hourly pick up God's promises as I mourn what I originally envisioned (home by next summer) and begin piecing together a new timeline. But don't lose heart sweet baby, it might be a long time waiting, but Mama's still coming for you. 


Anonymous said...

Your faith is inspirational Anna

Linda Z said...

I'm sorry, Anna... those blows are hard to process. We started the process over 2 1/2 years ago, and I don't know when I will be well enough to continue it. But I know that God has given us both the extra time for a reason, even if we will only understand it later.

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