One Month Waiting

Monday, June 20, 2011

Today marks 1 month we have been waiting for our sweet babies.

Much like the photographs I took of my every expanding belly with Landon, I thought it would be fun to celebrate each month as we wait in anticipation for our referral. 

So each month I will try to:

1) Take a "numbered" photograph somewhere special or fun that we looking forward to sharing with our new arrivals

2) Purchase a little something for the babies (since we are not decorating the nursery until we receive our referral) 

3) Share information about an organization or project that directly or indirectly helps care for orphans

Also, I managed to hold on to my self-control this month and I did not check the Unofficial Waiting List until early this morning. Unfortunately, we have not moved up the list at all. Things continue to be slow in Ethiopia and we are anticipating a long road ahead of us. Surprisingly I am feeling incredibly peaceful this morning. I'm so thankful for God's peace. Without His reassurances I would be an absolute and complete basket case. We know our children are in ET and we continue to battle for them in prayer; hoping that they come home soon.

We took our number 1 picture at Malibu beach; a family favorite

Since the odds of having a little girl in the mix are high I couldn't resist this adorable jumper for a cute boutique
And I'm excited to share with you about one of my absolute favorite organizations: Compassion International

We've all seen the television commercials: the devastating images of malnourished children with overextended stomachs and flies buzzing around their faces while a 1-800 number flashes across the screen. And while you want to help you've probably also been warned not to trust these organizations; warned that the majority of the money you pledge actually goes to administrative costs and unnecessary overhead. But Compassion International is different. I KNOW they are an honest, hard-working, intelligently steered organization that cares deeply about children born into poverty.

Compassion has been in my life for as long as I can remember. My parents have sponsored children in Africa for more than twenty years. Once I could write my Dad often asked me to draft the letters we sent to our sister in Africa. (I have a funny story involving me writing to my African sister about our new dog Bagel the Beagle and her writing back about how she didn't really care much for dog meat!) 

My father also acted as a spokes person for Compassion enlisting other members of the community to sacrifice a few dollars each month so that a child across the globe might go to school, receive meals and medical treatment, and be given an opportunity to HOPE and DREAM.

Adoption isn't for everyone. God does not call every family to adopt. However, He does call each of us to care for the orphan. And, what's even better, is to be actively involved in preventing children from being orphaned in the first place. Whenever a child born into poverty is educated he/she has a higher chance of securing better employment, therefore making more money, having better health care, and being better able to care for his/her own children. Women that have higher education also tend to have babies later in life decreasing their likelihood of dying in childbirth and orphaning their children. 

RJ and I have sponsored children in Thailand and India for the past few years. We love receiving their sweet letters as they share with us their favorite games, the prices of tomatoes and local agriculture, their families struggles, their successes in school, and their hopes for the future. Compassion regularly hosts trips for sponsors to meet their sponsored children (paid for by the sponsor) and I greatly hope to have the opportunity to go one day. 

I can not say enough about this wonderful organization. They send out an annual financial report, encourage visitation to their learning centers, and are actively on top of the latest needs and successes in social development. For the price of a dinner out each month you can make a significant difference in the life of a child. 

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Jess Roy said...

So glad to hear that you're feeling peaceful...for today at least. :) I love the idea of sharing your journey to the babies, just like you did with L. And that jumper? CUTE!

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