I've Been Convinced

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RJ's been trying to convince me for the past six months that I should ditch my shoes and run barefooted but it took this book to convince me.

"Shoes block pain, not impact!
Pain teaches us to run comfortably!
From the moment you start going barefoot, you will change the way you run."
- Barefoot Ken Bob (page 157)

After a few barefoot runs on the beach I'm sold. Soon you'll see my hoofing it through town in these smokin' hot babies.

Or maybe I'll get the pink ones and really class it up.


Stephanie said...

I have a ton of friends that wear only the vibram five fingers while running and they swear by it and have decreased pain while running. There are lots of seminars these days about it that are really informative.

Erin said...

Vibrams will change your world. You're gonna love them. I ran in Vibrams for awhile and now I'm running in NB minimus trail shoes which are pretty much the same thing but your toes aren't separated. I like them a lot too.

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