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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Somehow I forgot about the library for the past three years. Instead I've been spending waaaayyyy too much money on Amazon buying books. Not to mention if we ever move we'll have to rent a forklift just to get all the boxes of books out - I have a hard time parting with my paper treasures. 

AND, in the past three years, while I was scouring thrift stores for best sellers, our library went high-tec. Now I can reserve books online and have them labeled and waiting whenever I want to pick them up. No browsing through card catalogues and aisles with a crazy toddler at my feet. Genius. I am a happy, happy girl. But I've had my nose so buried in literature I don't think I've seen my husbands face in two weeks. It could be a problem if I don't start pacing myself and coming up for air.

Landon loves it too. Since I'm freed from searching for my books we've been spending time reading in the kids section. He got to check out a few books on trucks and I allowed him two movies. But I am a tad bit worried about our three week deadline. Seeing that he shouted at the librarian "MINE" when she tried to scan the Winnie the Pooh movie he could be in for a huge shock on June 17th when they have to go back.

For a list of all I've been reading check out the side bar to the right - Good Reads. And while you're at it leave a comment with your favorite read because I'm allowed 49 items at a time...oh, dear.

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Linda Z said...

Love that you are book worm. I'm going to have to check out some of your recommendations.

Right now, I'm reading The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency, cause a friend recommended it as "light" reading and that's what I need at the moment.

Does Landon have a special library bag? That helps with taking them back! :)

Anonymous said...

You should get a Kindle- I know everyone loves the paper books- with a Kindle you can have up to 3500 books in your hands at once- and free books!!free books that require no storage space!

Anonymous said...

download the FREE kindle app for your iphone! i've read 25 books on it in the past 6 months & am obsessed with it. you always have it with you.. and can even read in the dark without the light on. i know its a strange adjustment, but the books are waaaay cheaper than printed, and you can't beat the convenience factor. seriously. it's amazing. try it just once!

-melinda minyard

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