If you're going to get in an accident in the parking lot of Target...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...make sure to be wary of your fellow super-store shoppers. Not the person whose car you actually hit, but the looky-loos and scuttlebutts who want in on the action themselves.

I was driving RJ's monster-sized Tundra truck and forgetting just how enormous the backend I smashed clipped the rear-end of a parked sudan. The positive about driving a big, assertive vehicle is that I only got a scratch and the other car went crunch. The negative about driving a big, assertive vehicle is that I only got a scratch and the other car went crunch.

My daddy taught me well - I responsibly pulled over into an empty parking space ready to confess my guilt, and I immediately called my husband.

After one or two minute breather I got out of the car and assed the damage. What I wasn't expecting to find was a spotlight on center stage. The parking lot had turned into an exciting blow-'em-up and crash movie scene and I was the star. People were pointing and oohing and aahhing. Apparently cracked headlight and accordion bumper are a real show-stoppers with the Target crowd.

One gal got particularly caught up in the excitement and thought she would write herself into the script. She swayed up to me in her Juicy sweats and mid-drift top, ponytail bouncing. Noticing her aggressive behavior I immediately asked, "Is this your car" gesturing to the damaged Cryslar.

"No," she answered, "but I saw the whole thing. And don't for a minute think I'm going to let you get away with this you dumb-blonde soccer mom." (okay, she didn't really saw that last part but her tone definitely implied it.)

Then, as I was pulling out my phone to call my insurance agency she snapped a photo of my truck. And, for good measure, thought she should stick her cell phone in my face and snap a picture of me too!

Because pulling over, getting out of the car, assessing the damage, and calling my insurance screams, "I'm about to flee the scene of the crime and you need to do your duty as a good American citizen and get involved in the drama." A small part of me wishes I really had hit this chica's car.

The gentleman who actually owned the damaged vehicle took the stage just moments later. He was really, really nice.


Jessica G. said...

I LOVE the fact that the woman took a picture of you!!! Freaking crazy! People that want to get involved in and cause drama always scare me. But glad to hear the actual car owner was level headed and normal.

Anonymous said...

My blood pressure rose reading this. Good thing I wasn't there. The "chica" and I may have had words...(I'm probably just full of empty threats). But I'm glad you (and L) are okay :)

jkseevers said...

haha, don't feel bad, Anna. I hit a parked car in Target too!! We must be soul sisters;) I can't believe the nerve of that woman! I would've wanted to say a few choice words to her, but being the good godly witness that I'm sure that I'd be, I would refrain. :)


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