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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've never really celebrated Mardi Gras. By the time I ended up at Cal Poly the city had started to put the smack down on the Mardi Gras party. Since a few college die-hards refused to let the "Biggest West Coast Mardi Gras" title die there were some after-shock parties. But I knew my boyfriend (now husband) wouldn't be thrilled with me bead collecting, and I wasn't so sure the boys were going to dish out many strands for my girls anyways, so I missed out on the green, gold and purple.    

But friends invited us over for jambalaya yesterday (yum!) and thinking it was a Fat Tuesday theme (apparently she hadn't actually realized it was Fat Tuesday) I googled "New Orleans Mardi Gras desserts" and found this recipe.

Landon was insistent that he "help".

He got to lick the whipped cream spoon.
And he stuck his hand into the bag of powdered sugar - that was a big hit!

I'm always telling my girlfriends that this isn't my favorite age. But moments like this make me change my mind. I want to cherish every second.

p.s. the pie was SOOOO good. I had two slices and RJ ate so many he had to go lie down.

p.s.s. if you aren't totally sick of adoption stuff by now there is a really good article here that expresses many of my thoughts and options on the subject

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Ryan and Camille said...

What a fun couple of days! We need to get out again and camp! We will continue to pray for your adoption process...

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