fingerprints and bath time

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WooooHoooo!! As many of you already saw on my Facebook I now love the wonderful people at immigration! They were so gracious to RJ and I and totally let us come in early this morning and do our fingerprinting.

I was so nervous going in today because I am an absolute rule follower - to the point of ridiculousness - so the idea of trying to upset the system gave me major queasy tummy. And huge armpit sweat stains - thank goodness I wore black! But it turns out that had we waited to be rescheduled we may have never received the correct paperwork, there was something wrong with our initial file and it could have resulted in never getting a new appointment. Praise the Lord that we went in! And thank you SO much for all of you that prayed for us.

Landon and I celebrated with an afternoon date at the new local frozen yogurt shop. He's a huge fan of chocolate with gummy worms and I like the tart flavor with sprinkles. Then we came home and hosed him off in the bath.

I am marveling at how quickly my boys is growing. He will be TWO in just a few short weeks. His personality is blooming before us and it's so fun to watch him come into his own.

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