Glancing Behind

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trying to soak in a bit of sunshine Landon and I went on a quick walk this afternoon.

You would like that being 26.5 years older I would be the one teaching him new things. Instead, it seems I'm always two-steps behind, running to catch-up as I marvel at his growth.

What I thought would be a quick "bike ride" up and down our block turned into a natural adventure. As Landon bailed off his bike to show my flowers, rocks and leaves. Naming things and pointing out colors that I hadn't realized he knew.

My baby isn't a baby anymore. I love this new little man in my life. He's intelligent and adventurous and funny! But there is a chunk of my heart, the sentimental ooey-gooey mommy section, that will always be glancing backwards, wondering where my tiny baby went.


Ryan and Camille said...

Makes me kinda sad and I want to just love on my own little man as much as I can right now while he is so little. thanks! xoxo

SomisSurferGirl said...

dude totally got teary eyed. i am only a few months/steps behind and i feel that way my dear friend! where is the time going?
let's do a mommy/son/playdate again soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Really am missing the chunkster right now. It has gone by sooo fast. He still has that cheeze face going when the camera is pointed at him. Love it Mom

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