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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just so you know, when you send me a Christmas card with a smiling picture of your adorable family I don't just display it during Christmas and then chuck it in the trash. Nor do I stick your card on the refrigerator to get covered in dust and splattered oven grime. Nope. Your smiling Holiday faces are way too precious to be treated carelessly. Instead I proudly display all the beautiful people in my life for a few months and then I safely tuck you away in a basket along with all your cards from years past.

This way I can watch you get old your families grow.

And I can regulate who dropped us off their Christmas card list.

So now, knowing how much I cherish your Christmas cards wouldn't you want to send out the very best one possibly? Like the Christmas photos cards from Shutterfly.

They are cute, modern, quality and affordable. And if you have super adorable Christmas card photos (like we do thanks to the ultra-talented Hervey Photography) then you can choose to display 1-2-3 or more pictures on one card! Genius.

Last year's Hosking Holiday Collection

In the past I've used Shutterfly for Christmas cards, photos books (I make a new Shutterfly book every year. They are awesome), and these really super cute address labels that actually have your family's picture teeny-tiny in the corner. It's really easy to use and fantastic quality. I am so excited to get our 2010 pictures so that I can start creating oodles of cards and merchandise with my adorable son's mug-shot on everything.

And while you're there agonizing over which of the great cards to choose from you can get a bunch of other stuff done as well:

Calendars for Grandma and Grandpa. Hip invitations to your next big bash. And even birthday cards!

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