25 Days of Thankfulness

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 24 -

fancy food and lollipops

I heart really good food. I like most everything (except papaya and raw tomato) but I'm particular when it comes to quality and flavor. A bit of a food snob. So to be honest, most "family-friendly" chain restaurants don't really do it for me. 

But I love going out to dinner; leaving me in a bit of a predicament with my toddler. There aren't many family-owned - toddler-friendly - nice enough to have wine glasses on the table - restaurants. (note: if you've been a loyal reader you've probably notice I make up my own grammar/punctation rules. thanks for just going with it.) And when we do find one of these rare gems - that has baby seats AND gourmet spices - the evening still has a 1-in-3 chance of going well.

It could end up like this:

1) Landon whines, demands "down", pouts, empty salt shakes, gnaws on sugar packets, shrills, and causes general ruckus until finally being escorted out of the restaurant with to-go containers - frustrated, embarrassed parents in-tow. 


2) Parent 1 eats silent and lonesome while Parent 2 spends the entire meal coloring, playing trucks on the table, making silly faces, and resorting to a doggie-bag in order to keep the peace.


3) We plug him up with a Lollipop. Landon is quiet, the wine is sipped rather than gulped, fellow diners look peaceful, and food is savored while still warm.

So yes, I've abandoned a few principles (i.e. my child will not touch sugar until he's 12) but what's a couple of dum-dums when warm gingery thai noodles with cilantro shrimp and chilled pinot grigio is at stake?


Tracy said...

hey, you do what you've gotta do. Sugar is not going to kill your kid.... though some people would disagree.

Jessica G. said...

Every parent gets your dilemma...well every parent that loves good food! I have to admit, we rarely go out to dinner with Connor in tow. I just feel too stressed to enjoy myself. On vacation, I even "made" us dinner in our hotel room!

My mouth is watering...warm gingery thai noodles with cilantro shrimp...ahhh, I want some!

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