Date Night

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Almost everyday for the past week I've opened up my blogger account only to stare blankly at the screen and then head back to hulu for more episodes of Modern Family/Glee/Grey's.

But today I really have the urge to write, and nothing to say. So, lucky you, I'll just ramble about my super fun date with my husband last Tuesday.

We hadn't had a date since our anniversary back in August, so I arranged some babysitting with a friend and told RJ I was taking him out to Grilled Cheese and Jazz night at a local restaurant. We went to the Sidecar Restaurant in Ventura. I've decided its the best food in town in the absolute worst location. Dimly lit interior inside an adobe structure that's painted to look like a wooden sidecar, and located mere blocks from a strip of hooker hotels. (Ventura = Seedy but Sweet.) The servers wear jeans with button-up shirts and ties, the tables have nice linens and candles, but the menu is printed on computer paper. And the food is organic, local, fairly priced, and delish. Although you have to wait at least twenty minutes between courses. But on date night twenty minutes is nothing because the conversation (and Spanish wine) was flowing, the jazz rockin', and we were loving the toddler-free eating experience (i.e. no ketchup anywhere at the table).

RJ wore his nice jeans and a Patagonia cashmere sweater and I rocked black skinny jeans, a black tank with a flowy anthro blouse, and my black Italian boots - which literally had to be dusted off before I could walk out of the house. We look young and hot, until you looked closely and saw the cheese smear on my shoulder courtesy of the youngest member in our household.

Oh, and have I mentioned  how good the food was?! Rationalizing that we owed ourselves two dates worth of food since it had been so long between outing we had four courses:

Deviled eggs with tarragon and capers (I thought it was a strange appetizer but the server talked us into it, and I'm glad she did)

Caesar salad with real anchovies for me (I'm a freak about salted fish. Yes, I know you're all gagging.)
Mixed greens, goat cheese, and fig salad for husband

Tomato soup and a blue cheese grilled cheese with caramelized onions and more goodness I can't remember for RJ and he gave me half

Brie cheese, honey and fig jam, and turkey made up my grilled cheese. Honestly it could have used a bit more jam but I'm not complaining (and I also shared half)

And finally RJ chose creme brulee for dessert and I had the most amazing thing to ever come in a martini glass, and I've had some bomb cocktails before. It was a mouse type (alcohol free) thing that tasted like cheesecake with real whipped cream.

And then we waddled back to the car.
Picked up the baby boy.
Tucked him in.
And that's all I'm going to share.


Jess Roy said...

fun! matthew and i always wanted to try that place, but never got around to it. glad you guys could have a great night out!

Ryan and Camille said...

I love reading your blogs! They are so fun and are keeping me connected right now. Thanks for the text-convo today, ill have to give you a call maybe tomorrow or something to chat in real life... ; ) PS Ive already hit ryan up for a date night tomorrow night to go see a movie...

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