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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Be warned - this post totally unedited stream of consciousness - 

Today I felt like a bit of a downer. 
Nothing was "clicking."
Even nap-time wasn't as refreshing as it usually is.
Instead the boy woke up while early and I was in a foul mood.
Then he did one too many "no-no's".
I snapped when he started scooping toilet water with his dinner spoon.
Then I felt guilty.
So I allowed him the luxury of his "Binkie" (blanket) outside of his crib and we watched a cartoon together. 

My foul mood had intensified to full-on bitchy by the time RJ got home.
Thankfully I made the right choice and handed him the boy, took the dog, and went out on a run.
Thirty minutes later I felt so much better.
But very nearly quickly spiraled downward by thinking
"Look at how good running is for you. It's good for the body and good for the mind. Why don't you run more regularly? Why this spastic two or three times a week business. You're a failure."
But I wouldn't let myself go there. 
I'm holding onto the good endorphins. 

I have such a love/hate relationship with running.
I LOVE it when I'm running regularly.
And I LOVE a really good run. One of those runs where you find your stride and feel amazing, rather than sore and out of breath, afterwards.
There is NOTHING like runners high. 
But I hate the first ten minutes.
And the burning lungs and shin splints. 
But the good FAR outweighs the bad. 
I think the my greatest accomplishment is finishing a full marathon. 
I'm more proud of that than finishing college.
(Let's be honest - a Speech Communications degree at 
Cal Poly wasn't exactly rocket science.)

So I wish I ran more often.
Like I did back in college.
At least three miles everyday no matter what.
(Except I was heavier in college than I am now. Explain that? and no Beer isn't the answer.)

Anyhoo, If I had to say that there is one think in my life I would like to work on it would be my inability to fully commit and follow-though with something.
I often leave projects half-finished or I get an idea but I don't follow through with it.
My running career is only one area where inability is evident.
When I did my Strength Finder testing one of my top five was "futuristic".
I love planning and ideas but I need to partner with someone 
who will help me finish things out. 
Maybe I need a running partner?
Actually I've been thinking of starting a running club. How great would it be to meet up with a bunch of friends a few times a week for a early morning run and possibly quick coffee.
I know there is a group in SLO that does this. 
See, another great idea....


Dallas said...

Two thoughts:

1) I have never experienced the so-called "runner's high" just from running. Scoring a goal in soccer? Maybe... but just running... I get soooooo bored. My mind goes everywhere. The easiest way for me to get an hour run in is to hop on our treadmill and put on a football game on the TIVO. Then, I can go snap-to-snap and hop through some NFL while getting my sweat on. Still, though, even after an hour, I've never felt that "runner's high"... is it your shoes? your weather in Ventura? dope? just asking.

2) Your degree may not be rocket science... but as a good friend of ours once said, "I used to BE a rocket scientist." (you walked right into that one, Anna.)

Anonymous said...

okay that's it! i'm starting to get a little creeped out reading your blog lately.

i feel like each night you sneak into my house, pop open my head, dive in & steal all my thoughts. then you go home, and articulate all these personal, undecided, imperfect thoughts & feelings i have into this wonderfully crafted blog & share it for all.

creepiness aside- reading your blog sometimes feels like you're narrating my life.

each post you write makes me more & more sad you don't still live up here in the country with me!

keep on! you rock!


Holls said...

umm, you should totally start the second branch of 'running grrrl's' i'm not trying to brag, but we're kind of AWESOME. seriously, if you want to do this, call me.

The Schmidts said...

You should come up and do the City to the Sea half marathon on October 10th with me! -Rhiannon

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