The Sunshine

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I know I often use this blog as a way of expressing my 
exasperations and frustrations with my son.
And I feel in a way that I should apologize to him because although he does
drive me absolutely bonkers at times he really is the sunshine in our home.

Countless times throughout the day he has the innate ability to make me pull my hair out and laugh-out-loud in the span of less than a minute. 
He is hilariously funny.
And so sweet.
He's the only kid in his First 5 class that spontaneously gives out hugs and kisses to everyone around him.
He has a sensitive spirit.
He loves his little friends.
He's a cuddle-bug.

He is my sweet, sweet boy
and I am blown away that God blessed me so much 
that I have been given the privilege of being his mother. 

Passed out after too much fun at the beach and a long bike ride home.

"Look Daddy, a sheep! BAAAA"

This is Landon's "cheese" face.
Cracks me up every time.

Loves him some Dad.
Picking apples together

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Jess Roy said...

ok, the "cheese" face is AMAZING!

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