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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This weeks Farm Fresh challenge nearly didn't count.
Only because RJ was gone for three nights causing me to 
abandon my apron and nosh on popcorn and frozen yogurt for dinner
most nights. 

Here's what we ate:

Monday: popcorn and frozen yogurt
Tuesday: out to dinner in Santa Monica - just gals and babies!
Wednesday: gingery steak stir-fry
Thursday: church bought us dinner
Friday: out to Mexican with friends
Saturday: co-ed baby shower food
Sunday: Firestones in SLO (still drooling over my basket of fries)

As you can see I only cooked 1 night last week!
I'm not sure if this Farm Fresh thing is causing us to go out
to dinner  more, or if we really just go out that much. 
This week I am determined to do more cooking.
Plus, we're back on a strict budget after allowing ourselves
a bit more freedom over the summer. 

However, I didn't completely abandon the kitchen. 
One day I was feeling a bit stressed out
(i.e. impatient with my toddler)
so when he was napping I decided to make a chocolate cake.
But we had not eggs...

The chocolate cake part was awesome - super moist and chocolatey
but I didn't much care for the avocado frosting. So I used regular store-bought
frosting on the top and avo frosting on the sides. 

We also stripped the Meyer Lemon tree and juiced a bunch of fruit to
make lemonade all year long.

Finally, Mel - here's the recipe for Orange & Beet salad.
I also add goat cheese.

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Rebecca said...

Meyer lemon envy. That is all.

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