Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yosemite Adventure #1
The Home-Base

I've been camping my entire life.
And RJ and I have probably backpacked and camped
more often than we've stayed in nice hotels.
I might even be so bold so say that we're camping experts.
We know what to bring. What to leave at home.
The type of food to pack. Where to poop in the woods.
The best equipment to buy. The clothes to wear.
We are always prepared.

This time we needed less prep than normal.
We had gotten our reservations from a coworker that couldn't use them.
For an area of Yosemite we had never been. (Tuolumne Meadows)
We were staying in canvas tent cabins that had wood burning stoves
and showers down the lane.
I was excited for these luxuries as it was our first camping trip with Landon.

So after a 6 hour drive we were ready to get out of the
illegally stuffed jam-packed car and get this party started.

The scenery was gorgeous.
We had no idea this side of Yosemite existed.
No crowds. Amazing meadows. Wide, smooth rivers.
It was going to be four days in Paradise.

Until we pulled up to spot #238.
And there was nothing there but A PLOT OF DIRT AND A FIRE PIT.
"RJ. You've got the wrong spot, babe."
"No. The number is definitely 238.

"Then were the hell is the canvas cabin with sheeted beds!"

"Ummm, let me double check the reservations. Oh. Looks like
we have tent camping - not tent cabin - reservations." sheepish grin

Had there not been a small alpine store that sold tents and
sleeping pads I might have checked myself into the largest room at the Ahwaahnee Hotel.

But - after the most expensive tent purchase ever - my anger simmered.
And we did have a killer view.


Jess Roy said...

oh my goodness - that's crazy! yeah, I would have gone the luxury suite route too...but bonus points for your ability to adapt quickly!

Jessica G. said...

Okay, this made me laugh. And let me tell you, you are a better woman than I am. I would have been pissed and it would have been hard for me to get over. So, props to you for being such a wonderful wife that you got over that speed bump and still had a wonderful time!

Tim and Debra said...

Leave it to the boys... tent camping (sheeted beds) same thing

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