Baywatch Beach Day

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well, there were no red swim suits or enhanced body parts,
but it was a gorgeous day in Malibu.

We spent all day at The 'Bu. So I had RJ snap a couple of
quick pics for me before we left.

Sunhat - f21
Sunglasses - can't remember the brand, Kohls
Dress - free people, bought if forever ago at Nordstrom's Rack, still love it
Flips - trusty Rainbows

We had such an amazing family day.
I was so proud of Landon - he held it together all day long.
And even took an hour long nap under the umbrella on a sandy beach towel.

And, I got to surf again!
It's been ages - with the baby and limited time I just don't
seem to get out much anymore.
I was nervous at first, but RJ was right, just like riding a
bicycle. Got right back up!

Hope you all had fabulous Saturdays too!
So sad there is only one more day of fashion week. boo.


E said...

I love the second pose. The beach hat/dress combo is great! How could you not have a good time at the beach wearing that?!

Lea said...

I love your beach wear! And congrats on your accomplishment today!

Rachael said...

Oooh, surfing seems like so much fun! I've lived in Cali most of my life and pretty close to the ocean too but never got out there... Cute dress!

Jessica G. said...

Great beach outfit! Glad you got to surf again and spend a nice family day at the beach.

SomisSurferGirl said...

oh my goodness, could you be any cuter??? that hat is so class and surf meet eachother! always have loved your style, and i'm so stoked on feeling so inspired to continue on!!!!! i love our life! we need to surf together soon! i have surf freedom after our birthday celebration!

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