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Monday, July 19, 2010

The bathroom remodel is my second favorite part of the house (behind the kitchen). It's in this room that you can really see RJ's awesome eye for design, style and detail. Everything in this room is his choice - he kept coming to me with ideas and they were so good all I could do was say, "yes! yes!"

Like the backyard, we did the bathroom in stages.
When we first moved in RJ knew he wasn't going to be
able to get to the bathroom for at least 4 months
(ended up being 8.) And he told me we should just live with it
"as is" rather than do a basic remodel now and more
extensive one later. I couldn't do it.

I had to do something.
Really, I wish I had more pictures to show you:
It was yucky-gross-ewww!

so I changed out the hardware, painted the walls,
ripped out an odd overhanging wood piece,removed
curtains, and scrubbed.


After remodel one:

And finally it was time for the complete
We gutted the entire room. Keeping only the original bathtub.

We also cut into our hall closet, opening
up the entrance to the bathroom.

You'll notice in the first few pics you had to walk through
a narrow space into the "main room".


I love that RJ has an eye for little details.
Like building in this shelf for our shampoo and such.

Everything was done relatively inexpensively.
RJ did all the work himself and with buddies.
(I was 8 months preggers.)
We used inexpensive white tile for a clean look.
The vanity is from Costco.
The fixtures pricey but a friend helped us get a deal.
Paint is cheap. As is wainscoting.
The mirror had an inexpensive wood frame we painted.
And the shelves are from Ikea.


Tracy said...

Wow! Saying I'm impressed isn't quite enough. It looks awesome. Definitely another work to be proud of.

Jessica G. said...

The bathroom looks great. I actually think the shampoo cutout is my favorite part of the bathroom. It is just so cute! Also, I really like the wainscoting. As for the "before" bathroom, I hope you kept that sweet floral toilet cover!

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