The Mom Suit

Friday, May 21, 2010

I've succumbed.

This summer you'll find me at the beach in my one-piece swimsuit.* Last summer I was a brand new mom. With so many big life changes happening I was not yet ready to relinquish the swimsuit of my youth. I needed to cling to that small shred of my younger, hotter, more toned, tanned, self.

However, it's time to grow up. I've got a toddler now. And, as my friend Amber said, it's not like we'll be laying on our beach towel catching the rays. It's going to be a summer of beach-time chasing, running, squatting, lifting, lunging, and bending. Situations that might allow for various parts - big and little, sexy and not - to hang out all over the place. Best to keep everything tightly contained in the mom suit.

My man wasn't as convinced. But, after some cajoling he agreed to let me splurge on this number:

Something I'll feel pretty in without embarrassing my son in front of all the other children.

*For the record, I have nothing against mother's wearing two-piece suits. I actually wore one just today to Landon's swim lesson.


The Pinheiro Family said...

I can totally relate! Another thing to consider too... is going to the bathroom with toddler in tow! I'm pretty sure you already bought your suit... but a tankini is also another good bet. You can keep things covered, move and react quickly... and potty easily! I had to move to one after having Sierra and living in the Texas heat! It's been a great investment! Hope you enjoy the beach! Looking forward to seeing you in July!

Amy said...

After your last post I decided maybe it was time I let you know I follow your blog. Hi Anna. I'm Amy Jensen, maiden name Biggs, Tracy's little sister. I love your blog! I love the way you express yourself. Your baby and puppy are both in their own ways ADORABLE! I love them. I hope you feel better with the whole allergy mess. My husband has a pretty hard time with them. No fun. Feel better. Oh, and cute suit! -Amy

keribender said...

i love your blog, anna- not just this post, all of them! :) and i have to know- where is this glorious swimsuit? i love it. no worries- i won't be snagging it for the summer, as i'm pregnant. i know how you feel- it's crazy weird to jump to the one-piece. when landon hits four or five it might get easier to rock that bikini. but then you'll probably have another munchkin and so the cycle continues.....

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