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Friday, May 7, 2010

I know too many of my neighbors.

RJ and I love our hood. There are so many young families with little people. Our house is centrally located on a corner lot near the park. Combine that with door always being open, people coming by the see the remodel progress the last two years, and RJ's incredibly friendly personality and we might know 70% of the neighborhood.

Growing up on a five acre parcel of land removed from the neighbors I'm used to getting naked in front of the window without a worry. We had a nice neighborhood but people mostly stuck to themselves - that's why many of them picked country living in the first place. So sometimes I forget that when I go outside I'll probably see someone I know.

Take yesterday. RJ left early to go surfing before work, so after gobbling a muffin and coffee, stuffing Landon full of toast with peanut butter and trying to (unsuccessfully) get Butter to poop outside I snapped on the puppy's leash, threw pj clothed L in the stroller and headed out the door for an early morning walk. I wasn't even out of my driveway when a cute young woman and her 3 year old daughter stopped us.

"HI!," she called. "I'm Meridith. I know your husband."


"I worked with him in San Luis Obispo. I've been wanting to meet you."

"Oh! What a small world." I responded. Flashing a big grin now that we've established she isn't shady and after my man. Small talk continued while I chastised myself for not changing out of my pj shirt, choosing the unwashed sweat pants and my general lack of hygiene (i.e. unbrushed teeth and hair).

A few moments later she continued on her way and we turned down the street for our walk. And although it was still before 8am we managed to run into 2 more neighbors. Neighbors that weren't satisfied with a friendly wave but wanted to stop, pet the dog, gawk at Landon's crusty boogers, and smell my coffee breath.

Returning home I promised myself to clean up a bit before heading out of the house in the future. Even for a 15 minute walk at 7:30am.

I tattooed that promise on my forearm when I finally did head to the bathroom to clean up and discovered I had a bazillion poppy seeds from my morning muffin stuck in my teeth!!

Trying to clean it up with some new hair that you can't really see.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. I hate that! Someone should have told you. I always try to tell people if they have something in their teeth, fly down (no I wasn't looking!)...etc. The other day I had pen on my face and talked to two people before heading to the bathroom and was forced to discover the embarrassment myself. Not cool.

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