Spring Fashion Thursday & Name Revealing

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wanted to keep things simple today since we will be grocery shopping and going down slides at the park. But I did spring into the not-often-enough-used accessories drawer and pulled out one of my favorite scarves. 
Scarf: boutique in Denver
Earrings: no recollection
tank: Hanes 
shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Paige (and worth every penny- I LOVE their jeans)
Shoes: Nine West

I'm noticing an obsession with mustard yellow in my life. 


Also, thanks so much to all of you who helped us with puppy names. There was much deliberation as I wanted to give the pup a "human" name but RJ fell in love with one of the more unusual suggestions immediately. His persistence paid off and now we call her:



Jessica G. said...

Loving the Landon/Butter picture! Oh, and that scarf is great! I like putting them in my hair, but they always fall out and frustrate me.

Lindz said...

I am seriously angry with all of my Paige jeans. I once loved them until TWO pairs blew out in the crotch. Whaaa?

Andrea Terry said...

What a cute pooch! And I LOVE your scarf. Such a great spring accessory :)

jilian dee said...

loving the stripes!

charissa said...

Are we loving the way she looks all?!
We are loving the way she looks!
Love Butter! My cousin calls her pups Butters. love that too! :) The photo of Landon and Butter is class!

Jess Roy said...

You look beautiful - and your house is brimming with cuteness. Yay for Butter! :)

The Schmidts said...

cute name!

Rachael said...

The scarf and shoes really make this outfit complete! You're great at accessorizing! And what a cute puppy and puppy name :)

Mirela said...

Your obsession with mustardy yellow is a legitimate one... :) Not only those shoes rock in color, but they're OPEN TOED...!!

Tiffany Ann said...

Super cute, love how relaxed and springish you look!

Billi London-Gray said...

I love your little yellowy shoes. Butter is a great name for that puppy.

Laura said...

mustard yellow. i LOVE it! and i need some shoes this color.

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