New York! New York!

Monday, April 19, 2010

i've been dreaming about New York City lately. It starts with a little pinprick - the craving for a real ny bagel with lox - and starts growing into full fledged yearning: times square, amazing food, broadway, coney island, hot dogs, street vendors, tiffany's, subway news stands, people watching, the park, moma, fashion, walking, little italy, taxis, the bridge, brownstones, 5th avenue, carriages...

i've been to quite a few big cities: san francisco, la, seattle, rome, prague, paris, amsterdam, panama city, barcelona, madrid, london, d.c., vienna, but new york city is my all-time favorite. i think i fell in love with the city in junior high. it didn't matter that i had never been the pictures, stories, and movies were enough to show me that i a sliver of my heart was devoted to this metropolitan mecca. when we were dating rj surprised me with a ticket across the u.s. and an 87th street apartment for four days. as i journeyed to my long anticipated destination i wondered if it would live up to all i dreamed. so often when we build something up in our minds the reality falls a bit short - particularly if your an idealistic dreamer such as myself. but the city proved true. and while i've only been back twice it continues to hold rank as my favorite urban landscape.

so, with the possibility of a state-based trip in the next year or so i find myself in a pickle. should i return to the big apple - where i know i'll enjoy myself immensely and fulfill the new york tickle that will soon be a persistent itch?  OR satisfy that other chunk of my heart - the one devoted to wanderlust and exploration - and see something new? Chicago perhaps?

What do you think? Do you like to return to an old favorite or explore something new?

And, while we're at it, what is your favorite city?


Jessica G. said...

I too love New York. Ian and I went there on our honeymoon...for almost 2 weeks. It was grand. Then, in 2008 I went back...I met up with my brother and cousin (who lives in NYC). It was great to have an "insider" show me around to some of the places I hadn't been before.

But, I would say, explore something new. You have time to go back to New York. Chicago is a neat city. No, New York, but I agree with you that nothing is.

I have an extreme love of Washington DC. Whenever I go there I feel all warm and fuzzy inside...its the history that gets me.

Have fun choosing your next adventure!

Linda Z said...

Funny... I have a post about dreams and places swirling in my head, too! Stay tuned. :)

I think Vancouver is so beautiful! And I loved the Art Museum in Chicago... my fav!

SomisSurferGirl said...

New York is one of my top favorites, besides Paris. I would definitely want to get out and try something new, but then again, how delightful it is to see an old "friend" again, New York??? (I'm so indecisive...)

Jess Roy said...

Ah, New York. I find that watching Sex and the City helps when wishing you were in the big apple...I want to go back too - Matthew has never been there! I'm seeing a family trip to the big city in the future... :)

I loved London - such a rich mixture of traditional, historical architecture, pubs, gardens, parks, museums, and of course...the iconic double decker buses. Loved it!

Brittney Crooks said...

Go to NY- it's the old stand-by! ...or you could give Boston a shot! (I think that is where the new Reality is going to be!)

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