Dilemmas in Motherhood #1

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What do you do when you need to use a public restroom but the stroller won't fit inside the stall?

This is a serious problem in my little word. Because liquid flows through at the speed of "instant" I am a frequent public restroom user. It's just the way it has to be. However, since Landon came along I've often found myself in a very puzzling situation. What do I do with the baby when his stroller won't fit in the stall with me? It's easy when I'm with a friend since I can just hand him off. But, more times than not, it is just the two of us and no reasonable solution in sight. 

Most places curiously off a handicap stall which will easily accommodate myself, the stroller, and baby. And there are the occasional restrooms with one of those Koala Care changing stations inside the stall. In those instances I leave the stroller outside, run a sanitary wipe along along the station, strap the bambino in, and pray he won't catch a horrific disease while I do my business. 

But what is a girl to do when there is just a teeny-tiny stall and no room for baby? So far I've come up with three options. None of them acceptable, but they're all I've got. Because I am (obviously) unwilling to leave the little guy outside of the stall alone I can (1) park the stroller outside the stall door and leave it open.  Objectionable for a number for reasons. Or, (2), remove the changing pad from the diaper bag, put it on the floor, and sit baby on it. Let me tell you, baby doesn't stay on the pad. Nastiness. And finally, my favorite option and the one I usually use: (3) leave the stroller outside, hold baby in one hand, unzip pants with one hand, tinkle holding baby (you haven't lived until you've done this!), flush holding baby, and then attempt to get pants back up while holding baby.  Most days I can get them up put there is no zipping or buttoning one-handed (I am incredibly impressed with those of you that can pull this off). Therefore, exit stall unzipped, ignore stares of pity from those waiting in line, strap baby back into stroller, finish dressing, and finally, sanitize self, baby and stroller (just in case). 

As I said, not the best options.

Anyone got anything better?

(One girlfriend suggested inventing a type of parachute harness for baby. You could strap him in and then hang him from the purse hook on the inside of the stall door. It could work....)


Tracy said...

I frequently used the "baby bjorn." Then I was hands free even though it is slightly awkward to have the baby on you when your doing your duty. (Just as you mentioned).

Dallas said...

Okay... so two thoughts on this:

1) H-I-G-H-larious!!!

2) I think the Baby Bjorn would seem like a great option.

The Schmidts said...

I totally have done #1 and #3, #3 many many times. That's why at that age I like having the ergo with me because I can strap the baby on me and hoist her up and have both hands free. Just wait until you have a walker and a potty trainer too--a whole new set of public potty adventures awaits then. -Rhiannon

Megan said...

I absolutely LOVE your posts! You are a hilarious and great writer!

Anonymous said...

I will not concur on it. I think polite post. Specially the title attracted me to read the whole story.

Jessica G. said...

Seriously made me laugh! I haven't gotten to this dilemma yet. BUT, at Starbucks, there has been a time or two that moms have asked us to watch their little one while they ran to the bathroom.

Holls said...

hit the bushes and google 'go-girl.' buy 100's and by the time you are done with them, landon will be out of the stroller. your welcome.

Anonymous said...

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