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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There are those that would argue against young marriage. Spreading stories of couples who never had a chance to "discover themselves" before unionizing, or the need to "sow your wild oats" before being tied down. But, as a young bride myself (19 when I met RJ, 21 when married) I can testify that "success" has nothing to do with age; it's all about picking the right one (and God has something to do with it too.) I can honestly say that I haven't been bored once in the last 5.3 years. And I know 5 years isn't much when looking at a lifetime together, but lets look at how interesting my man has kept it for me so far. He might only be one guy, but he's got quite a few layers...and alot of style:

1. First he was Mr. GQ. When we met he had blond tips in his hair and a Mens Express card in his wallet. He worked out at the gym and dressed-up in pinstripes. His shoes were shiny and his hair gelled.

2. We were married. College was coming to an end and it was time to get serious about life . He dug deep and discovered his inner naturalist. Enter green hemp Patagonia pants. A tree-moss shade and balloon style legs I tried on numerous occasions to burn them. I was unsuccessful. 

3. Having identified his inner hunter-gatherer he secured a position with Patagonia and joined the ranks of those who do good for the environment: he biked to work. But there was that pesky problem of pant material getting stuck in the bicycle spokes. Thank goodness the spring line offered the perfect solution. With his employee discount he was able to afford a pair of hot-off-the-press purple-colored Man-pris (capris for men). Paired with green Chaco sandals (i.e. sophisticated Tevas).  Hotness.

4. But a few months later, having secured a position in corporate, it was time to grow-up and pack the man-pris in mothballs. The Patagonia highball shirt was just the ticket. Casual yet sophisticated with calico patterns, collar and cuffs, and shinny buttons. Thanks to "puppy" sales he had a dozen or more.

5. But all work and no play makes RJ a sad boy. So the weekends were filled with fishing. And the fun was so overwhelming he needed to share it with his friends. Rather than tell stories he chooses to "show" everyone all the amazing flies he used. He proudly displayed his collection by hooking each feather-tailed trout-catcher onto his sweaty, bright-yellow hat for all to see.  

6. We purchased our first home. And suddenly RJ has a lot of responsibility. The first baby was on his way and the house needed a complete remodel. Time was limited. So limited there wasn't a spare minute to even change ones clothes. Home, work, church - it didn't matter. The standard uniform was worn at all times: muddy boots, grout-covered Carhart pants, and paint-stained tee.

7. The baby is here! We're feeling all grown-up. And although it is spring the mornings are chilly. Designer jeans, cashmere sweaters and espresso. Suburban Dad to a T. 

8. And finally, one of my favorite looks of all. 
I poke fun at my husband, but his many looks testify to the man he is. We laughed the other day thinking about his man-pris and cashmere sweaters, but I appreciate them. I even appreciate the green hemp pants. He isn't afraid to be the man he is inside. He doesn't try to play a part or conform to the status-quo. I love that he keeps things interesting and fun. He's always changing, evolving, growing. 
And he's always surfing.
Enter the flannel.


Jess Roy said...

So great. I have to say RJ is one stylin' dude.... I appreciate all of Matthew's layers, but I'm still ready to burn all the old Cross-Country T's... :)

Very cute photo of RJ and Landon!

Jessica G. said...

Love the blog! It is cute how you profiled all RJ's styles. I have to agree with you on young is all about God! Ian and I have had such a great time together, but I realize not all people have that joy and I really do think it is because of God. He knows what he is doing sometimes! ha, ha

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of your 2 handsome men. the blue really makes their eyes stand out.
You did not mention the bright green patagonia jacket/sweater thing RJ wore (seemed like daily) Gosh, he loved that thing. It was great when he had access to the puppy sales and his wordrobe expanded. All three of you are well turned out these days. love mom

The Schmidts said...

Cute blog!

Edwards Family said...

Loved the last post. So true and so funny. I never imagined Blair with a beard and I think it will be a while before he moves on from it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mom - how could you forget the green cookie monster jacket?
RJ's style is finally coming back around, he's looking very good, and Landon's always had style b/c he has a stylish mom!
Its a great photo and I'm dying to see the rest
-Auntie April

The Harper Family said...

So the blog anna

SomisSurferGirl said...

Thank you so much for the Hervey Photo shoutout! I love your blog, it constantly gives me joy!

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