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Thursday, October 1, 2009

It seems as though we have been go-go-go the past few weeks. Have RJ home is fantastic. However, he has about 10 million times the energy that I have, so Landon and I have been racing to keep up with him.  

We are one tiny step away from having the kitchen completely done (we just need hardware for the cabinets). I am BLOWN AWAY by my husband. He has done such a remarkable job on our house this past year and a half.  When we moved in RJ had never yielded a paintbrush - difficult to believe considering he has remodeled every existing room, added a bathroom, and designed and installed my dream kitchen. I am going to do my best to say thanks by going Martha Stewart on him and cooking amazing meals. 

A week ago Landon and I met up with my parent in SLO (Sorry SLO friends that we didn't hang out. Weekend visits are so short we don't have much time to do anything but family stuff.) We spent most of our time goo-ing and gaa-in over the boy. Why is it that watching the baby do nothing is so entertaining?

At 5 1/2 months old Landon is really turning into his own unique person. He has a deep belly laugh and finds peek-a-boo hysterical. (We are a simple family.)

Oma, Grandpa and I took him to Avila Valley barn for some pics in his John Deer boots. He wasn't impressed.
He would rather eat hay. 

All I wanted was one smiling pic. I got this:

And eventually he gave in just a little. (ps - look at those LEGS!)

Naturally, the moment we got in the car to leave he was all smiles. 

Being RJ's boy, Landon is very social, so we had Avila over the other day. I snapped a few photos of the two, and Michelle, Avila's mom, is right - they look as though they've been caught doing something naughty in this one. 

Following that tip-off I noticed further evidence. Based on the angle of Avila's head I think they may have been getting a little too close. 

But look at this little cutie. I don't blame the boy. 

And, drum roll please..........

Our new kitchen!

(Note that behind Landon there used to be a wall where we now have a counter. My favorite change!)

RJ and I enjoying some sushi on the new bar

And Landon is stoked on the remodel b/c it came with his own Jacuzzi tub. 

(I learned some rudimentary photo shop skills.)


Jessica G. said...

RJ did a wonderful job on your kitchen. I am so impressed! And really, the picture with hay coming out of Landon's mouth is classic. He may not be smiling, but it sure is cute!

Tracy said...

That is a beautiful kitchen! I hope you enjoy it for many, many happy years. Landon is such a cutie! I love those rolly polly legs! (My girls never had them)

Soderin Family said...

WOW!!!!! It looks amazing! And what a cute family you are!

Bethany said...

the kitchen looks amazing! i love it! and landon looks even more grown up then when we got together... wow. love the avila valley pics. too cute!

The Schmidts said...

Beautiful kitchen!!! Way to go RJ! Landon is a cutie too in those pumpkins. We take photos at the Barn every October. It is a perfect photo place. -Rhiannon

Tim and Debra said...

the kitchen is beautiful!

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