100 Bucks

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It is so interesting how people spend their money. Much like the clothes we wear, the things we purchase say a lot about us. Some people enjoy driving fancy cars; some like designer duds. Others take exotic trips; and some love to decorate and remodel. Electronics and high-tech gadgets lure in many; and others drop their dough on pricey edible delights. And some people want it all...(including massive credit card debt!). 

But what I find even more interesting is the "little" things people purchase. I have friends who can't start their day without Starbucks. They know all about "the latte factor", but that daily cup is worth it.  Others love going to the movies and would never wait for a flick to come out on DVD. My crafty friends spend money at fabric stores and my well dressed friends scour sales every weekend to continually improve their wardrobe. I have a weakness for books; RJ loves fly-fishing flies. 

Real Simple magazine occasionally does a column where they ask someone how they would spend an extra $100. I love reading it; everyones answers are so different! Now this $100 is like Monopoly money - it must be spent on wants and not on needs

If someone handed me an extra $100 here's what I would do:

$6 - coffee and a scone at Palermo's
$7 - flowers at the Farmer's Market
$20 - on the Trader Joe's Cookbook (I've been wanting if forever and just haven't bought it!)
$15 - the newest best selling novel
$10 - something cute for Landon to wear
$5 - five new songs from itunes
$7 - a yellow vase from Ross for the flowers
$30 - fancy drinks at Watermark with my husband (I would beg the neighbors for free baby-sitting)

And so I ask you: What would you do with an extra $100?


The Schmidts said...

Hmmmm . . . wants not needs. Here it goes:

$21 movie with Jason (Time Travelers Wife)

$7 bundt cake for two from KK's Cakes in Arroyo Grande

$4 Starbucks caramel macchiato

$10 a pair of really fancy running socks (because although I have running socks, I do not have one that costs that much--is it really worth it?)

$16 a new shirt from Marshalls

$42 dinner out with Jason (with free babysitting of course from Grandma or a friend)

That would be today anyway. Too bad it isn't real. :)


Linda Z said...

I promise I'm not trying to be "hyper-spiritual" here, but really my favorite thing to do when I win a prize or get some unexpected money like that, I love to keep it and just pray over what God wants me to do with it. Then I wait for an opportunity to give it away. It's fun to watch what happens! :)

And then there are the times we get a kickback on a credit card... that usually buys a couple tires at Costco! :P

The Schmidts said...

I was going to comment, but it looks like my wife already spent my hundred bucks!

Jessica G. said...

This is such a cool article idea! I have to admit though, after adapting to the culture over here, I don't even have a "wants" list anymore...or it has to do with coming home and visiting or having people come visit me! It really is facinating to me how much Ian and I have gone off of consumer driven things...but I am well aware that the urge will probablly return as soon as I return to America!

Anonymous said...

I would buy a savings bond for Landon.

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