Turned A Corner

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Landon and I are both doing so much better than a few weeks ago. We seem to have turned a big corner - thanks to a wonderful drug called Prevacid. 

Landon has Silent Reflux (baby heartburn). At first we noticed that the poor little guy would spit-up often, then throw his head back, arch his back, and cry heartily. The doctor explained that he has Reflux - the valve that closes his stomach after a feeding is immature and opens allowing milk and stomach acid to head back up his esophagus. The acid burns resulting in all the crying. The doc suggested some at home remedies to try to help ease his pain (camomille tea and holding him upright for 20 minutes after each feeding). 

We tried the home remedies for about a week and while the spit-up seemed to decrease Landon's crying only got more intense. I did some research and realized that our boy had decided to become a Silent Refluxer. Rather than letting his spit-up come out he would swallow it back down resulting in a double-burn and extra wailing. Combine this with the fact that the kid tends to get bad gas and you'll realized why I was ready to put him back in my womb (so I could still love him but not hear him!)

The doctor had told me that there were some prescription drugs available if the home remedies didn't work.  However, I'm not big on prescription drugs. I don't even like taking over-the-counter meds. I don't know why, I guess I would just rather go the hippy-dippy natural route. So, I faced a big dilemma,  put my 5 week old baby on prescription meds (the same stuff they give adults just a smaller dosage) or wait it out until his stomach valve matured and endure long, loud, exhausting days in the meantime. 

I had a major case of  nerves because I was basically diagnosing him myself. The doctor told tell me symptoms to look for but he wasn't around to actually see Landon exhibiting them (of course, every time we go to the office Landon is an angel child). New Mom doubts flared, "What if crying this much is normal and I just don't have what it takes to handle it?" "Do I really hear him swallow his spit-up or do I just want to hear that so I have an answer?", etc. etc.

I found myself on my knees in prayer. And the Lord is so faithful. Within a few hours I had two people confirm that medication would be okay for Landon (and they didn't even know they were confirming my prayers).  I called the doctor a few hours later and got the meds. Within 3 days I had a totally different baby. I feel so much better knowing that he feels better. And since I feel better he feels doubly-better. We heart Prevacid. 

(Moms - if you think your baby has colic ask the doc about silent reflux. I've read that alot of colic babies are actually just SR kids.)

He is still a bit of a fuss-butt though. Landon is sensitive and has a flare for drama. You should have seen him at my postnatal appointment this morning. The only thing cute about him was his outfit.

I can't deny it - the hair is officially strawberry-blonde, and he suffered from the worse case of baby acne ever, but still a cutie in our eyes. 


Linda Z said...

So glad that you got everything figured out... it can be so frustrating!! Awesome that the Lord was faithful to show you! :)

Josh was super fussy, too. It did pass though... although he still tends to be sensitive. That's just his make up and there are a lot of positives about that!

Jessica G. said...

First, I am glad you and Landon have figured things out. It seems like those mom instints are kicking right in! And second, I love the pic of you and Landon. You look totally adorable!

Rebecca said...

So glad that you figured things out! Nadia had reflux too and putting her on medication was SO HARD for me ( we avoid it too). It really is the best choice and better than the long term damage the reflux can do.
I love Landon's little cheeks and you look great!

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