Richard Landon Hosking (VII)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 15, 2009
12:55 am
7lbs 12 ounces
21 inches

Hair: Blonde
Dimples: 2 (one on each cheek)
Shares his birthday with his aunt April!



The Mad Fishicist said...

what a man! we are so proud of you. little tess has a week on him, so she's got some advice when he's home and ready. "milk" this time with him. he's only newborn once.

congratulations anna and rj. can't wait to meet rlh face to face.

the martins

Jessica G. said...

Yeah for the new family! He looks so cute! Glad to hear he finally made his entrance into the world, and you didn't have to be induced. Enjoy the newest addition to your family!

Emery Jo said...

HE'S GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!! Congrats you two- great job! :)

And i love love love the name landon !

woo hoo!

Rebecca said...

So so sweet. Congrats. Love every minute with your AMAZING little one.

Lo Cicileo said...

awwwww I love him soo soo much! I just wanna snuggle him! :) Hope you're feeling well! I will have to come down and visit soon, until then give him lots of hugs and kisses from his AuntLo! ;)

Jess Roy said...

Anna, he is beautiful!!!!!

Linda Z said...

What a wonderful little blessing!! He is adorable. I hope you are able to rest and settle into your new role as a mom! You guys are going to be such loving parents! :)

Stephanie said...

Congrats Anna! He is beautiful!

The Schmidts said...

Congratulations!!!! Enjoy every moment. Love Rhianon and Jason and the girls

Bethany said...

aaaww! he is adorable! congratulations anna and rj. God bless your new family!

Tim and Debra said...

YEAH! He is beautiful. Enjoy! Can't wait to meet him in person.

Soderin Family said...

He's perfect! I can't wait to hear the birth story!

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