The Front Yard and Back Patio

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In August and September we took a break from inside the house. We cleaned up the backyard a bit, laid mulch everywhere, and had a new driveway and back patio poured. I don't have any good "after" pics, but this will give you an idea of what we did. Plus, we still haven't landscaped so it doesn't look like much right now.

The backyard while we were finishing up the living room
The front yard before
The driveway from the roof
The side yard before. Right now there is nothing but mulch in the side yard, but eventually it will be filled with garden boxes

No more driveway
Dave bringing in the mulch
Ripping up the front driveway
Ripping up the back patio and side yard 

Anna's helping! 
Front yard without a driveway
Getting ready to put the back patio

New side-by-side two-car driveway

It's hard work outside


Jess Roy said...

I love these pics! It looks like you guys are doing awesome work....can't wait to come see it!

Unknown said...

ooo RJ...your dirrttttyyyyy....!!!!! lol...thats really from

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